El tiempo en Londres

Time, constantly variable, is one of the main topics of conversation in London. Here you can find today’s weather and forecasts for the next few days.

TODAY’S Weather : Here are the weather conditions in real time in London (see the module on the bottom left)

TIPS: London is in a windy area, which is why time changes several times throughout the day. Dressing in layers is always useful advice. As also to have always with you is a pair of sunglasses that an umbrella: you will have to use them both in the space of a few hours. One positive aspect is that London enjoys a temperate climate, with very stiff winters, where the average temperature is established between 2 and 7 degrees in January.

A Spaniard who comes to London in summer, will hardly feel heat because the temperature is significantly lower than in Spain. Especially at night it feels very cool. In any season a light scarf can be useful to protect from the wind. For a Spaniard, English clothing can certainly not be compared. It never ends to be surprised observing how the Londoners face the strong temperatures with a jacket or even with short-sleeved shirts when the Spaniards are still wearing coats. As they say, “time in London” is a bit crazy!

RAIN PROBLEM: If it is true that the annual average of the rainfall in London is lower than that of Spain, it is also true that in the English capital it rains more often, with sometimes very violent rains. It is very typical the drizzle that comes and goes, sometimes annoying, but easily confrontable even if you do not have an umbrella.

Mes Temp. MIN Temp MAX
January 2 6
February 2 7
March 3 10
April 6 13
May 8 17
June 12 20
July 14 22
August 13 21
September 11 19
October 8 14
November 5 10
December 4 7