If you want to surf the Internet in London, you will be served by an ADSL connection called BROADBAND in Spain and BroadBand in England. It is not possible to install the internet without the telephone line. There was a company called Nzl that allowed the use of the Internet without paying the canon to the Bt, but the areas covered were few and it has been successively encompassed by the Virgin that naturally foresees the fee for the telephone line.

Luckily in London there are many bars with free WiFi (Wireless) Internet connection, therefore if you do not use it for work I advise you to go for a good coffee. In this mode you will have the possibility of knowing new places, joining the useful with the pleasure and why not, maybe making new friendships. Returning to us and the jungle of companies that offer Internet service creating a daily price war between them. Soon I will list you many with a price comparison. Naturally this changes therefore it is always useful to update yourself on your websites. According to me, it is important to always ask for the free WiFi modem (Wireless) to connect without using the annoying cable.

Operator Package Speed Limit download Costo setup Periodo contrato Costo mensual Rating
BT Broadand BT Broadband – Option 3 Fino a 8Mbps Unlimited GRATIS 18 Months £18.99 4 stars

Who uses the BT package a lot, with a superfast 8Mps speed and an unlimited download

Virgin Virgin Media – L Cable Fino a 4Mbps Unlimited £25.00 12 Months £11.50 4 stars

Who makes an average use of Virgin Media broadband up to 4Mps of speed and if a monthly limit of download.

Sky Sky Broadband Mid Fino a 8Mbps 40GB £30.00 12 Months £26.00 3 stars

Get 8Mbps broadband with 40GB of use that allows a free wireless router when combined with the Sky TV package

Tiscali Tiscali Unlimited 8MB Fino a 8Mbps Unlimited GRATIS 12 Months £9.99 3 stars

Who uses the Tiscali broadband package a lot, receives 8Mbps of download speed and unlimited use