University - Why study in London?

The dream of many is that of frequenting a University Master’s degree in London. But why in London and not in Spain or in another European city?

Sara from Uk Edu Expert explains why more and more young people decide to build the foundations of their own future in London and not anywhere else.

  • Universities with excellent reputation, history and traditions, plus also full of places where space is given to ideas and innovation.
  • Excellence in doctorates.
  • Wide choice of first level careers (undergraduate degrees) specializations (postagraduate taught degrees) and doctorates (postgraduate research degrees)
  • You study in English and you get a degree! It is known that today English is necessary to have good job prospects.
  • Specialization course (master) in less time. 3 years for a normal career and 1 year for a specialization diploma, while in the rest of Europe it is 3 + 2.
  • Contacts with more students who come from all over the world. London is the multicultural city par excellence and so are its universities. You can make friends with other students who come from all over the world.
  • Services for students. Accommodation, campuses and sports and recreation centers, university canteens, cafeterias, student circles, computer labs, libraries.
  • Study and work part-time. The part-time job opportunities in London are many. As soon as you arrive, if your knowledge of English is advanced, you will be able to find work in the catering sector or in retail sales or in the Spanish call centers. By improving English and acquiring experience, you will have the possibility to access higher positions.
  • Opportunity of stage and / or practices. Sometimes English universities give you the opportunity to do a paid stage in companies.
  • Exchange opportunities international exchanges. English universities participate in exchange programs at European and international level.