The Masons Arms is a great place that provides you with an exceptionally relaxed atmosphere at the Masons Arms. It allows you to dine informally in the pub. It is located just 1-minute walk from Kensal Green tube station.

There’s plenty you can do at the Masons arms. For instance, you can chill at the Beef Garden. The Beef Garden is a good place for you to come and chill out in. it offers the best beer in town.

The European Cup 2016

The European Cup 2016 was also conducted there. It offers a big screen with good screen that showcases football and everything. The European Cup 2016 was a great event that called the attention of the masses and it was conducted at the one and only; the Masons Arms.

What’s special about the Masons Arms is that it can be used to conduct many events such as using the Secret DJ app where you can add your favorite tracks to your digital jukebox live and get involved.

What make us stand out are the following things:

  • A relaxed atmosphere: A relaxed atmosphere is one of the specialties of the Masons Arms. It allows you to dine informally throughout the pub. It is just a 1-minute walk from the Kensel Green tube station and you can come there and chill out. It offers the best beer garden in West London and is a good place for you to enjoy some sound tracks.
  • You can come and even support your favorite team there and check out some amazing and fantastic rooms.

Another amazing thing about the Masons Arms is its spectacular menu. There’s plenty there at the Masons Arms for you to enjoy including Hummus, Pitta, Prawns, Calamari and other important things such as Soups and Pork Ribs.

There has so much that has happened at the Masons Arms particularly important Football matches. The football matches include:

  • West Ham vs. Man Utd.
  • Liverpool Vs. Chelsea
  • Aberdeen vs. Hearts
  • Sheff Wed vs. Brighton 1st Leg
  • Derby vs. Hull 1st Leg
  • Barnsley vs. Walsall 1st Leg
  • AFC Wimbledon vs. Accrington S1st Leg

Masons Arms is one of the finest drinking establishments in queen’s Park and Kensal Green. It holds an exquisite garden and BBQ to boot. They host Djs, live sport along with great food and beer.

Thus, whether you want a dinner or two, a good seasonal catch up will be a great place for your friends and a great full-blown party. They look forward to accommodating you at the Masons arms.

They offer an abundant and comprehensive range of pre ordered foods such as pre order drinks and important things for enjoying your time.

The Masons Arms is a great place for you to come to and enjoy some amazing food along with exceptional music. It is great to hold important events that you can enjoy such as holding your favorite events there and so much more.

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