Museums in London

In London we do not only visit collections that are among the most beautiful in the world in museums, we visit them for free! Whatever your interest, from the most recent art, to archeology, science, literature, music, you will find the museum you like. And if this is one of the many national collections, entry will be free.

British Museum

The exterior of the British Museum already says a lot.

Completely neoclassical with Doric columns and a central tympanum reminiscent of Greek architecture. It is no coincidence that the museum receives the decorations of the Parthenon of Athens among its greatest works. The museum reviews different historical periods since prehistoric times with a total of six million items, some of which are not visible to the public. Born in the private library of Mr. Hans Sloane in 1753, and was successfully purchased by the British government in 1759. Inside the building took place work and a large covered square was also created, called Great Court by the Queen Elizabeth II, constituted by a cupola of glass. Today it is a reading room of the British Library. The entrance to the British Museum is free, among its “treasures” as the decorations of the Parthenon also remember that there is the very famous Pierre de Rosette.

Imperial War Museum

This museum, designed by Georges V, collects ballistic pieces from all the wars fought by the British army in the 20th century. Inside we can find weapons of all kinds, planes, tanks, military vehicles, audiovisual documents of the Second World War (as many testimonies of soldiers from the front), photographs, documents, a libratry, artistic works and many others, including a flight simulator that propels you into an air battle first on the front.

The last piece added is The Holocaust Exhibition, an ongoing intense exhibition that deals with the persecution of the Jewish people during the Second World War. The Imperial War Museum is on Lambeth Road (Lamberth North – Elephant & Castle) and is open all week from 10am to 6pm, admission is free.

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

The London Aquarium is one of Europe’s largest aquarium showcases. The exibition united instructions and entertainment in a journey through the discovery of riversn lakes and oceans of the world. The London Aquarium reconstructs the ideal habitat of 350 species in over 50 showcases, clownfish stingrays, moonshine muraignes and finally sharks.

You will witness the Atlantic shows, there is even a team of divers who feed the sharks with their own hands. Located in County Hall, the London Acquarium is a spectacular attraction that grows on three floors for a total of around 2 million liters of water. Go to London Acquarium for a great day out with your family

At the presentation of the code of the Smartsave you will have a more economical price (less £ 20 for 6 people). Between December 15th and January 6th at the London Acquarium, adults and children will be able to see Santa in his cave and if you are lucky you will be able to see him while diving to feed the fish.

He has other friends at the London Acquarium, Matry and his best friend the Seagull Sydney, who in their puppet show meet other characters like Simbad the Sea Lion, Harriet the Hermit Crab, Miranda the Mermaid and Talluah the Tuna. They show off 4 times a day, and Marty and his friends will teach kids everything about sea safety, friendship and how to look at the ocean differently. There will also be other activities like fun packs and quizzes for all visitors.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds musée de cire

When you enter the Tussauds Museum, you might think it’s possible to travel back in time: the Beatles are still all sitting on a couch, Michael Jackson smiles and there is also Adolf Hitler who continues to crave terror with his own. madness. But if you look closely you do not only see characters from the past: Queen Elizabeth II presides over everything, and Kelly Minogue sings surrounded by fans. The wax museum in London is one of the best attractions, with a lot of characters on display inside. The first collection was the work of Marie Tussauds, a Swiss sculptor who in 800 began to reproduce in wax characters beheaded and who, transferring from Paris to London took them with her. The museum tour is available for a cost of 25 pounds.

Museum of London

The Museum of London is one of the largest museums in the world on the history of a single city. And if there is one place that deserves to be analyzed in a detailed way, it is the British capital, with its history of Romans to Sarasins until today. There are more than two million exhibits in the structure that is part of the remarkable Barbican complex, inaugurated in 1982 and was thought of as the English response to the Pompidou Center in Paris.

National Gallery

An agreement with the Tate ensures that the National Gallery has jurisdiction over all world art until 1900. However, this does not prevent it from receiving works of art until the beginning of the century like those of Picasso , but the real highlight of this museum are the collections of the Renaissance, which, among other things, harbors Italian jewels. The tour follows a cronological route, beginning with Sainsbury Wing whose entrance is on the north access of Trafalgar Square. Not to be missed among others The Virgin of the Rocks of Leonardo, the battle of San Romano di Paolo …. But the list could end going through Tiziano Goya, Canaletto, the impressionists.

National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum

Visited by about 1.5 million people each year, the National Maritime Museum is one of the largest naval museums in the world containing models, exhibitions, trophies from all over the world. But do not think that it is only a historical journey in the footsteps of the English navy. As one of the best museums in London, this one also offers the opportunity to experiment with interactive experiences. Children, but also adults, will find fun in the gallery All Hands and will try a professional naval simulator.

Natural History Museum

Le National History Museum est le musée dont on rêve tout petit quand on entend parler pour la première fois des dinosaures et qu’on se les immagine. Ici il est possible de voir des squelettes de dinosaures ainsi que beaucoup d’autres espèces d’animaux. Le Natural History Museum est aussi appellé la cathédrale de la nature, peut-être un peu à cause de l’aspet gothique construit en 1881. Le musée est connu pour la recherche des environnements: minéraux, botaniques, zoologique, paléontologique et entomologie. Il est possible de trouver ici des livres et espèces d’une énorme valeur scientifique.

Science Museum

The Science Museum is the museum for science lovers, for those who still want to know more, or who wants to immerse themselves in a past made of electronics, microship or a virtual reality future. The scientific knowledge acquired during the last 300 years, shared between about 40 galleries with 2000 exhibitions, in the Science Museum is within everyone’s reach.

Tate Britain

Before the opening of the sister “Modern” she was collecting collections of national art comptemporain. Now this neoclassical building is dedicated only to English artists, but in recent years it has reinvented itself, highlighting the genius of painters like William Turner and Francis Bacon. Events and parties are also held which make it one of the most interesting and vital places on the London cultural scene. Do not miss the first Friday of the month, the “Late at Tate”, during which the museum remains open until 22h.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

An old power station south of the Thames hosts Tate Modern, the British National Museum of Contemporary Art. The vast collection contains works by all the principal masters of 1900 among which Picasso, Matisse, the surrealists. It hosts some exhibitions of contemporary art among the most interesting in the international artistic panorama. Just the view through the large windows overlooking the Millennium Bridge and Saint Paul Cathedral and the entrance to the impressive Turbine Hall come from this exeptionnel museum.

Victoria & Albert Museum

The serious definition is that of the most important museum in the world in applied arts. But it really means everything, the Victoria & Albert Museum honors every kind of art and design and hosts fascinating works made in a 3000 year old arc by the richest cultures in the world. Here you can browse between the amazing collections of ceramics, furniture, fashion, glass, jewelery, photographs, sculptures, fabrics and paintings. An example of this museum’s fame is the fact that it contains the two layer galleries of the most famous scultures in the history of art, including among others the copy of Traiana’s column, identical to the original of Rome, only divided into two parts to hold it in the room.