Last week I was in Islington due to work. On the weekend, I decided to go for the premiere of Captain America at “The Screen On The Green”. I was skeptical that Islington’s cinemas won’t match with those of London’s, but I was wrong.

The Screen On The Green is a famous multipurpose cinema and is also one of the oldest cinemas in the Uk. I wasn’t very interested in the details of the cinema until I watched Captain America in 3D at 4K resolution there. So here is my amalgamation of some trivia about this cinema.

The current building of the cinema had its first show in 1913. The cinema was first of its kind that was built around the regulations of the Cinematograph Act 1909. The cinema got closed for some reasons and was reopened only after September 13, 1970. It was then purchased by Romain Hart and after that, it underwent some comprehensive refurbishing and modernisation. The new design reduced the seating capacity to only 300. In 2008, Everyman Media Group purchased the cinema and renamed it “Everyman Screen On The Green” cinema.

The cinema again went through a refurbishment in 2009 that included full size bar and auditorium space.

What did I loved about the cinema?

I have tried a lot of cinemas in London and whenever I would go for a new cinema, the first thing that I scrutinise is the seating. If it’s not up to mark i.e. spacious, comfortable and with contours for back support, it turns out to be my last visit. The Screen On The Green had plush two-seater comfy sofas that were no less than recliners. If it weren’t for Civil War, I would have slept there for sure during the show.

Apart from that, the cinema has retained its archaic beauty with the red iconic curtains and barrel vault ceiling. Even the exterior has the iconic red neon that accentuates its classic resemblance.

Live events

Live events don’t interest me much but when the cinema got its renovation in 2009, it also included a full-size stage that made it a perfect venue for life events. The cinema is also used for various film festivals.

The bar menu

Normally, I just take the popcorns and a water bottle with me, but The Screen On The Green had more than just coffee, soft drinks and popcorns. You can can order pizzas, breads, tortilla chips, beef dog, hummus and flat bread. For drinks, you can have their hot chocolate, fresh mint tea or coffee.


The cinema ticket depends on the seat type you choose. Well, I chose the “Premier Adult” that cost me £14 and £1 for the 3D glasses. The “standard Adult” was for £12 and for the kids, there was “Premier Child” for £11.50 and “Standard Child” seat for £9.50.