Are you up for a bowl of everything? Have you tried the much-hyped Cereal Killer cafe? Well, they had their first cereal café opened Brick Lane in 2014 where I  tried their original cereal breakfast. A few days back, I was back in East London and thought to give it a try. Well, what can I say about this mono-eatery? It’s very well defined on the lines of many other eateries in London that serve only one or two things. The café got a hefty attention from various news channels when it opened up 2 years ago.. This is particularly due to the weak breakfast game of the Britishers.

Getting back to the dozens of cereals that the place offers. When you enter the café, you get your first sight onto the wall that’s covered with cereal boxes. What do they serve? From golden Grahams to Cheerios to vast variety of American monstrosities like Count Chocula and Poppin’ Pebbles, they have it all covered. The waitress serves you the cereal bowl in a strange printed onesie that made me felt like as if I was in the kindergarten. I must say that the whole ambience seems like kids’ playroom. Did I like it? Nope. There isn’t a doubt that their cereal paraphernalia was spot on and the place was decorated nicely with free gift cards from some very old boxes of cereals, vintage milk bottles and those plastic watches that we used to get from the cereal boxes, but I didn’t find it suitable for adults. They played 90s grunge for most of my time there which was the only nostalgic feeling about that place.

What did I order? I tried Poppin’ Pebbles with freeze-dried marshmallows and skim-milk. I didn’t order any additional creamy toppings that they had, because I like to keep my breakfast more healthy. I must say this wasn’t healthy either, but it’s much better than other breakfasts that you could possibly have in Shoreditch.

What are they trying to do? Well, the café wants us to try their collection of cereals that we won’t get otherwise from the supermarkets or it could be a regular place for hungover people who may want to have a quick munch before heading to their office.

The trinity of nostalgia, one-thing-done-well and Americana is what the café is offering. The first time I visited the place and wondered what would be the future of this place after its novelty wears off? And well, they are still doing great. They have another one opened up in Camden.

About the prices, a small bowl costs £3, which is obviously expensive to the box we get from supermarkets. But this comparison is irrational. Also, it’s still cheaper and better than trying the boring egg and bacon bap.

They have tons of cereals and 12 different varieties of milk. If you love to eat cereals, this is the place where you can make your own combos, every day.