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Looking for the perfect accommodation requires TIME, MONEY and ENERGY and we know very well how stressful it is to try to arrange viewings or phone calls with amateur Landlords.

And even worse is having to deal with dodgy sub-letters or scammers that unfortunately have their way quite easily in places like Facebook, Gumtree or Spareroom. This is why we are on a mission to offer a SAFE place where to look for accommodations in London and the UK.

How do we do it?

It’s really simple: our experienced staff monitors and checks ALL the ads published on the platform to make sure they are real and compliant with our standard. We also offer FREE support to all our users.

How Room Club can help you find your room?


First of all we want YOU to be in control of your property search. Use our search tools to find the perfect accommodation near your University, workplace or maybe just that area that you like so much.

You can get in touch DIRECTLY with the landlords or managing agents and receive their replies in real time to arrange viewings, confirm availabilities, etc.

If you don’t have much time to spend, you can ask us to help you and we will conduct a widespread search for FREE. One of our property experts will send you the best options based on your requirements and will also negotiate the conditions for you – we can also do viewings on your behalf if you wish!

ARE YOU ABROAD? No problem! Join the 12,000+ clients who used our easy and quick online booking system. Reserve directly REAL ROOMS in central London ready on your arrival date (like AirBnb or

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What Room Club users are saying

Definitely happy
I was looking for the right room for ages and I was tired of not being able to compare the different rental conditions on other websites. Room Club is easier because it shows immediately the informations the matter the most.
Kate V, Happy search
Facebook Review
Hey ­čÖé I've spent ten weeks in London. I rented a room in Room Club. No problems! Top service!
Nuno Silva, happy client
Facebook review
From the very beginning, everyone was so nice at us. They tried to find the best option possible for what we were looking for. We're very thankful and happy with their service. I would highly recommend it to anyone moving to London.
Anna F, happy client
London Metropolitan Student
For me it was easy and simple to find my studio flat on room club!
Kaya S, happy client
I was looking for a single room in central London and Micky from Room Club sent me 3 possible solutions within few minutes! Great service
Simone B, happy client

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